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Monthly Archives: March 2012

How to Keep Out Unwelcome Guests

Mosquitoes might be the unofficial state bird of Minnesota, but those pesky insects are just as willing to snack on Cheeseheads. Here in Madison the same lakes and marshes that make our city so scenic also make it an appealing habitat where mosquitoes thrive. Tired of sharing your yard with unwelcome summer guests? Check into … Read More

Top 2011 Kitchen Trends and What They Reveal About Us

1. The live-in kitchen. The kitchen is being reinvented as a second living room where family hangs out, couples entertain and cooking is viewed as an art to be valued, enjoyed and shared. Appliances are camouflaged, tools are organized but accessible and the ambiance is inviting. 2. The green kitchen. Energy Star appliances are in. … Read More

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