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7 Finished Basement Details We Love

When you hear the words “finished basement”, do you picture something that’s not quite as polished as the rest of the house? A basement finishing project does not have to look like an afterthought. It should blend with the feel and the architecture of the rest of the home. With a little creativity and expertise, basements really can be beautiful. Even some challenges like exposed brick walls or beams and limited lighting can be transformed into an ambiance opportunity. For inspiration, check out this list of some of our favorite finished basement ideas:


We love how the limited natural lighting creates a warm, intimate feeling.


We love how the exposed brick becomes a cool design element.


We love how this brick was painted white for a textured wall that lightens up the entire space.


We love the power of color! Nothing dark or dreary about this basement space.


We love how this support beam blends with the rest of the room.


Another clever idea to blend those support beams…


We love the simplicity and durability of this exposed concrete floor.


We believe a finished basement should – and can – be as beautiful as the rest of your home! Contact us today to request a free estimate for finishing your basement.

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