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What We’re Loving: Built-In Storage

When you build, remodel or finish a basement, you are paying for every square foot. Built-in storage maximizes the value of your floor plan. It utilizes otherwise wasted space, reduces furniture expenses, and helps organize and eliminate clutter. Examples of handy built-in options include:


  • Book shelves
  • Message center
  • Desk
  • Bench or window seat (for sitting AND storage)
  • Display case
  • Cabinet storage space
  • Mudroom cubbies or lockers
  • Wine rack
  • Loft or bunk beds
  • Closet systems
  • Pantry storage


If you are building a home, think of ways you can use built-in storage to simplify, organize, reduce furniture expenses and maximize your square footage. What are your hobbies? Do you collect anything? Do you have children? How will you manage the paper flow in and out of your home? How do you organize your closets? Is there any “dead” space in your floor plan that could be put to use? Browse Pinterest and Houzz for ideas. Make the most of your space! Here are some concepts we love to get you started…

 Built-in mailboxes and lockers for each family member creatively manages flow in and out of the home.


Built-in bunk beds, drawers and shelves make this room tidy and spacious.


Built-in message center and desk are handy tools for managing a household.


A compact built-in office area makes use of natural lighting.


A built-in message center and locker area keep a busy entryway organized.


Built-in wine rack and seating provide a lovely area to dine and entertain.


Built-in cabinets provide discrete storage for papers, messages and reminders.


This dreamy built-in closet system has everything necessary to organize a wardrobe.

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