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Patio rooms.

Home Comfort Tour: Rustic Meets Modern

Each new Home Comfort Company home is a masterpiece and beautiful in its own way. It reflects our clients’ unique personalities, interests and lifestyle. We recently completed this 2300 sq. ft. home in the Capitol Heights neighborhood using Energy Star standards. Our clients infused a more contemporary design with their rich cultural heritage. The result … Read More

What We’re Loving: 3 & 4 Season Porches

What’s the difference between a three-season and four-season porch? Besides the obvious answer (one season!) there are a few more details it’s helpful to know.   Here in Madison, WI, three-season porches are typically used from May through October. Screen windows allow breezes and sunshine in while keeping insects and the harsher elements outside. A … Read More

6 Trends We Love From The Madison Parade of Homes

1. Contemporary + Classic. We love the clean, simple feel. It makes us feel we can breathe and relax and focus on what really matters in our lives. We love things that last, that can move from room to room and generation to generation. 2. The In-Law Suite. We love this sign of a return … Read More

How to Keep Out Unwelcome Guests

Mosquitoes might be the unofficial state bird of Minnesota, but those pesky insects are just as willing to snack on Cheeseheads. Here in Madison the same lakes and marshes that make our city so scenic also make it an appealing habitat where mosquitoes thrive. Tired of sharing your yard with unwelcome summer guests? Check into … Read More

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