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5 Reasons Building New is Better

Full disclosure: I love building new houses. With that said…

new home construction madison wiAs a new home builder AND a custom remodeler, I know the first question many home buyers consider is, “Should I build a new home or buy an existing one?” While there are pros and cons for each, below is my list of the top 5 reasons building can be better:

1. Better Technology

Building technology has come a long way in even the past twenty years. Construction materials last longer. Indoor air quality is better. Floor plans are more versatile fitting the modern lifestyle. Energy efficiency and other eco-friendly (not to mention cost-effective) options are mainstream. Designer touches are a staple for everything from fixtures to appliances.

2. Better Fit

Building a new home allows you to incorporate the features and options that complement your lifestlye. At Home Comfort Company, we spend hours discussing your needs and and listening to what you want. The end result is a home custom built to fit your budget and your life.

3. Better Expertise

When building a new home you will have the expert input of your realtor, your builder, subcontractors and even an architect if you so choose. They will all work together to make your unique dream home a reality.

4. Better Warranty

When you build a new home with Home Comfort Company, we guarantee our work with a comprehensive home warranty. You’ll have peace of mind knowing our professional help is only a phone call away.

5. Better Long-Term

Typically new homes appreciate more quickly than older homes, often providing “instant equity”. Also, the more sustainable features you incorporate, the more payback you’ll enjoy in the long-term. Energy-efficiency will always be a plus!

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